Embark on a new journey of urban development with our latest expansion – the Trailer Park Add-On!

Delight in the unique charm and versatility of 12 distinct buildings, bringing a touch of adventure to your city.
Each Building Tells a Story: Every single building in the Trailer Park Add-On is thoughtfully crafted, with intricate details that showcase the spirit of adventure.
From the vintage-inspired Caravan to the sleek and modern Camper and the quaint charm of the Tiny Houses, each building carries its unique narrative, waiting to be discovered.
Create a vibrant and diverse community that celebrates the nomadic lifestyle, adding a fresh and exciting chapter to your city’s development. The Trailer Park Add-On awaits, ready to enrich your city-building journey with the allure of exploration, and the awe-inspiring design of these individual buildings that truly speak to the heart and captivate the soul. Begin the journey today!