Super Citycon – City Building Game

Super Citycon Logo
Super Citycon is a retro-inspired city building simulation for mobile devices.

Its fusion of the 16-bit era spirit with contemporary technologies yields a timeless user experience for those who are passionate about city building. 

Development & Team


The development of Super Citycon started in 2017 in Waldhambach/Germany. Together with Roni Tuohino, a Junior Unity Developer from the north of Finland, Ben created the very first prototype to prove the concept.

In early 2018, Ben & Juan met online and kept on developing full time for over 4 years remotely. 

Their hard work and dedication paid off, and in May 2022, they soft-released Super Citycon as their first game. Fully self-funded and independent, Ben and Juan are proud of their accomplishments and are excited to see where their future in game development will take them. 

They continue to work together to improve Super Citycon and create new games that inspire and engage players.


Founder & Game Designer

Ben is a self-taught game developer from Germany who decided to pursue a different career path in his mid-thirties.

After years of working as a professional photographer, Ben was seeking a new challenge and found it in game development.

In 2017, over the course of a few months, he became a certified Unity developer and set out to create a city-building game to honor the classic gaming genre.


Co-Founder & Programmer

Juan is a computer scientist from Valencia, Spain. After graduating, he worked as a programmer for various companies developing office applications.
However, he felt unfulfilled and was looking for something more exciting to work on.

When Juan met Ben online, they connected over their shared love for game development. Juan was immediately on board with Ben’s idea for Super CityCon and was eager to become the programmer for the project.


3D Artist
Sara is a passionate Artist with a background in photography and design.

Besides her role as 3D artist, she’s the good fairy of the project and constantly assists Ben in quality assurance and social media.

She is also deeply involved into the UX and gameplay development.